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Just a short 17 minute drive South of Winnipeg, Niverville is a young and progressive community which has been recognized as one of the fastest growing centres in the province of Manitoba for the past decade. Offering multiple beautiful residential developments, a growing list of local amenities, a brand new arena/fieldhouse, and a thriving business sector – Niverville has plenty to offer both the resident as well as the entrepreneur.

Statistics about Niverville:


- The average age of Niverville as per the 2016 Census is 31.1 years old

- The growth rate of Niverville between the 2011 and 2016 Census was 30.2%

- 34.9% of Private Households in Niverville / Ritchot have an income of over $100,000 compared to 22% of households in the rest of the province (2014 provincial REAP report)

- The largest group of people living in the Niverville / Ritchot area are 35-39 year olds, followed closely by the 5-9 year olds (2014 Provincial REAP report) 

- A substantial number of people live in the Niverville / Ritchot region, however work elsewhere, meaning there is a significant amount of labour available for local business (2014 Provincial REAP report)  


Regional Economic Analysis Process Report
RM of Ritchot, Town of Niverville

The Regional Economic Analysis Process (REAP) report combines an analysis of demographic, labour, business and industry data for a region. This information helps communities identify economic development priorities and create an economic action plan.

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